Diverse employability

Did you know that 85% of our jobs are represented by Afro-Colombians, Wayuus and Albanian natives?

One of the most important stakeholders for the hotel has been its employees throughout the value chain. Since the beginning of its operation, the hotel has sought to generate a high percentage of local employment, because it is undoubtedly one of the ways to contribute to the social and economic development of the region. Our goal has always been that our employees have a high sense of belonging to the hotel, ensuring respect and appropriation of values that translate into warmth and quality of service. The challenge has been to qualify a human resource with elements and values of the culture.

It is enriching to see the tenacity and the resilience of the Afro-Colombians that comes from their ancestral cradle where they exercised various trades from mining, agriculture, fishing and others, struggling between the jungle, rivers and a geographical diversity that has given them their own identity. Their joy and their artistic expressions such as dancing, singing, playing instruments make their creative talent stand out wherever they are.

The Wayuu come from a matrilineal culture formed by clans. The Wayuu woman is active and independent, she has a very important role as a leader and organizer of the clan.  The Wayuu are an ancestral indigenous community in Colombia, living in the middle of the desert and strong winds. They are located in the largest indigenous reservations of the country, in the Alta and Media Guajira.

The dreams and knowledge of this culture move to the swaying of its tunics and its colorfulness.

The Wayuu are mostly bilingual, their native language, from the Arawak linguistic family, has two dialectal forms that do not impede communication between speakers, the Wayuunaiki “arribero” or from the Alta Guajira and the “abajero” from the Baja Guajira.

Albania is a municipality that presents one of the greatest wealth in natural resources, since coal is exploited very close to it. If we could describe its population, we would go to some stanzas of its hymn that well reflect its qualities and goodness:

Oh Albania, treasure and dream

Of bounties, work and honor

It is my Guajira of languages and attire is Colombia, Caribbean and love

My land of open doors

Give your breasts maternal warmth

It is God’s vineyard on earth

My immortal Albania is blessed

Your soldiers without capes and swords

They are your children who forge your good

The most interesting part of this whole process has been to translate this variety of qualities, talents and gifts into the hotel’s own culture, where each collaborator gives the best of him or herself.

Without losing its essence, each collaborator works in the preservation of cultures to enrich the daily work, the warmth, simplicity and joy to serve and make the guest feel at home.

Our goal is to make visitors experience one world as if it were another.

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