An oasis of experiences with social sense

An oasis of experiences with social sense

Recalling the magical history of our ancestors and their lifestyle, the greatness of their wisdom and respect for Mother Nature. That is the essence of Waya Guajira Hotel.

With a style marked by showing and living the true essence of indigenous culture, Waya Guajira rescues the best of environmental sustainability to the delight of those who seek to explore community tourism.

Operated by oxoHotel, Waya Guajira Hotel is an eco-sustainable property that offers visitors the possibility of living extraordinary experiences of nature, culture and adventure surrounded by exuberant native flora and fauna.

Live the experience of a land that when you look at the horizon is loaded with sand and pure desert. A very productive place, steeped in history and also with a soil sacred to the magical past of its ancestral peoples.

This is La Guajira and this is Waya Guajira Hotel, a place that has everything to make the journey complete, from sleeping in a hammock, to sharing with indigenous descendants, passing through the accumulation of sensations that awaken the senses. It is proof of the magical effect of being, hearing what is not said and touching what is not seen.

“The fact that a guest can come to enjoy all the natural wonders and be able to build a community, sharing, tasting and perceiving each of the indigenous groups in the region, is one of the objectives that we have set for ourselves”, says Ángel Correa, general manager of Waya Guajira. “With a concept of environmental and touristic self-sustainability, we comply with all world standards in biosafety and –thanks to the Safe Stay Program of oxoHotel-, we offer a totally reliable, sanitized and safe space.”

Experience with a social sense

At Waya Hotel it is possible to carry out adventures in the unequaled nature of La Guajira, surrounded by the very special community, paying attention and learning about the specific needs of the ethnic groups of the region.

It is a friendly property and unobtrusive with nature. A place awarded by U.S. Green Building Council that conferred the Leed Certified certification, a recognition that eco-friendly and self-sustainable buildings receive.

Ancestral flavor

Living a gastronomic immersion with the ingredients, preparations and ancestral flavors of La Guajira is something that can only be experienced there. It is perhaps for this reason that Waya Guajira Hotel was very serious when it took the task of investigating in depth the culinary roots of this land to propose a unique offer: Isashii Restaurant.

It is a gastronomic space created to honor the gastronomy of an entire millenary culture that rescues native ingredients such as corn, goats, tubers and fish to merge them with Italian cuisine and some other international accents.

The result: “an Italian-Guajiro restaurant where it is possible to taste a variety of artisan pizzas, dishes mixed with local products and international desserts that have a Guajiro sense and an ancestral flavor,” continues Ángel Correa.

Smells, flavors and colors with the recipes of our ancestors, Isashii rescues the local cuisine with artisan products grown by the surrounding community.

Adventures with a cultural sense

At Waya Guajira Hotel, it is possible to get to know an authentic Wayúu ranchería up close. Let yourself be captivated on a tour full of vallenato legends and its minstrels. Connect in Palomino with the river, the mountains and the sea. Enjoy the knowledge of the Kogui and Arhuaca culture that are our older brothers.

Experience the charms of the south of La Guajira and get closer to the wonderful Wiwa knowledge. Learn about the wonderful Wayúu ceramics, which represent the union between the elements that make up the world (water, air, earth and fire).

Waya Guajira Hotel allows a true connection with the culture, the worldview of our ancestors and the history of this sacred territory, without neglecting its hypnotic landscape, which dazzles the eyes of every visitor.


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