Wayúu Breakfast


Wayúu Breakfast

The new beginnings of each awakening, knowing what nourishes and maintains a culture, in spite of the sorrows and the passing of time. 

Deuzenith’s cuisine, at the service of the traveler, who makes the local food a delicacy of the gods, tells us how a Wayuúu learns to feed, sitting among symbols of caste.

Stories that pass between arepas de chichiguare, cazón, friche, bollo limpio, chivo guisado, chicha and coffee. 

If the conversation progresses and there is interest, a Yotchi, the local liquor, to finish the awakening.

  • Wayúu cultural experience
  • Local gastronomy
  • Handicrafts

Distance from Waya: 1 h 16 min. (85.9 Km.)

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