Salt, sky and sea plan

Day 1: We will meet you in Riohacha and transfer you to Waya Guajira Hotel for lunch. In the afternoon, visit an Ethno-touristic Ranchería to start getting to know the best of authentic La Guajira*.

Day 2: Choose between these two options:

I – Spend the day in Manaure, visit the salt ponds, a guided therapy room and Musichii bird watching. Enjoy a lunch break on the beach, with the best sea food.

II – Start your day in Uribia with a typical Wayuu breakfast at Deuzenith’s or with an Amuche pottery workshop. From there, we leave for Manaure to visit the salt ponds and enjoy great sea food.

Day 3: Day of rest and nature at the hotel. Go ahead and visit our ecological trail.

Day 4: Finish enjoying Waya and we will drive you to Riohacha for your flight back.

«* Depending on flight schedules, the visit to the Ranchería can be done on the day of arrival or departure. Does not include: Air ticket from the city of origin / Tips (Guides, drivers, restaurants, bellhops, among others) / Extras at the hotel (Spa, laundry, national calls) / Expenses not specified in the program.

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