Our essence

Being in the heart of this territory transformed us. We are here, but everything that being Guajira means flows within us.

Tourism that contributes

Waya is a project imagined long before starting, to be part of and never an intruder.

The entire La Guajira has contrasts that deserve attention and if we came to take advantage of the beautiful, we stay so that the benefit is for everyone.

Integrated communities to be guides and hosts of their land on their own terms. They are the culture as well as the guardians of its natural wealth.

We promote a way of traveling that respects culture and that, with the passage of each traveler, leaves a positive impact on the lives of its inhabitants and the good living of the region.

Some Figures from Waya

Local and inclusive employment:

  • 78% of employees are Guajiros
  • 89% of employees are heads of household
  • 48% women

Local suppliers:

  • 40% of purchases are from local suppliers
  • Supplier strengthening processes
  • Support for the creation of new businesses

Development of a cluster for cultural promotion and sustainable tourism:

  • Strengthening more than 10 allies (mainly the Wayuu and Afro-descendant population)
  • Functional route that generates income for allies..
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