Sustainability our essence

Being in the heart of this territory transformed us. We are here, but everything that being Guajira means flows within us.

Sustainable infrastructure

To make ourselves part of the landscape, Waya decided to think everything through so as not to burst in, to minimize the impact and respect the natural conditions of the privileged location that we found.

Holy water

Cada gota es un milagro y así se Every drop is a miracle and that is how it was thought by Waya, savings in each tap and limited consumption in tanks in the bathroom that reuse treated water in our plant and wetland.

Natural space

80% of our land is conservation, a path runs through the flora and the place protects the local fauna.

We recover and recycle

What can go back to earth goes back, and we do this ourselves. What cannot go back is recycled and we send it over to experts.

Efficient energy

The powerful sun that we have is a source of heat for the water, it hits hard on the roofs created to maintain heat and we design open spaces that take advantage of its light all day.

Footprints, but not carbon

We want to leave a footprint on the mind and on this land, but not carbon. We measure our impact and that of those who come here to understand where we change and how we compensate.

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