Sustainability our essence

Being in the heart of this territory transformed us. We are here, but everything that being Guajira means flows within us.

Weaving community and well-being for all

Walekerü the spider is the one who taught a girl how to weave; she then taught her daughters and her granddaughters. In each pattern and in each color stories are told, paths are shown. A thread unites and delineates the destiny of a woman, a ranchería and a culture.

Handmade textiles are one of the livelihoods of the communities and the way to protect their culture and share it with travelers. We promote fair practices in the production and trade of crafts from the region through alliances with local cooperatives.

Promotion and marketing of products from more than 200 artisans between the upper, middle and lower Guajira.

Fair trade practices
Artisans are guaranteed a fair payment for their crafts that allows them to improve their living conditions.

Culture-referenced products
e want people to take a story with them, not just an item.

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