Sustainability our essence

Being in the heart of this territory transformed us. We are here, but everything that being Guajira means flows within us.

Make this trip last longer than you expected

We have the possibility of leaving a mark on the territory that has allowed us to travel through a world that we did not know existed. That the heart stays giving rhythm to everything that amazed you and transformed you.

To protect what is most valuable in this Guajira land, you have many possibilities, from Waya we propose four:


To educate a Majayüt (young lady in Wayuunaki), one of the Wayuu girls in the San José boarding school, is to help the good living come from an education that is respectful of their culture, in a model that allows them to be in today’s world while maintaining Wayuu values.


Providing threads to the hands of the artisans is to start shaping the future, opening the door to new combinations of color and shapes in the amazing Wayuu handicrafts.


Help sacred water to be protected over time, thanks to storage systems arranged for the community

A good night’s sleep

School for many Wayuu girls is a boarding school, and the desire to learn rests in each bed or hammock. Better mattresses or hammocks mean more dreams and better rest to rise to learn.

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