Hotel Waya Guajira

Immense Guajira

A land that looks arid, but that is fertile and sacred for ancestral peoples and for those who feel the magical effect of being, of hearing what is not said and touching what is not seen.

From the center of La Guajira, at Waya Guajira Hotel, everything is set up for a complete journey, to travel in any direction to keep in your mind and save in your heart.

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An exotic territory,

An exotic territory full of emotions that will take you on a journey to the interior. Impressive tours with the natural beauty of an unknown Caribbean guided by the ancestral heritage of its inhabitants.

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Oxo Hotel

Our essence

Being in the heart of this territory transformed us. We are here, but everything that being Guajira means flows within us, for us everything has value and we work so that this value prevails, can be shared and has an effect on those who visit us.

At Waya Guajira Hotel we jealously take care of the elements of a precious system, which gives us the possibility to understand the delicate balance of a magical land. Sharing with travelers is one part of our mission, the other is to articulate everything so that development here means a good life for everyone.

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