Sustainable Development Goals 10 – 12

Sustainable Development Goals 10 – 12

SDG 10. Reduction of inequalities:

This objective aims to achieve social, political and economic inclusion of all people, especially the poorest. Human rights are universal, however, millions of people continue to suffer discrimination for different reasons such as sex, age, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, economic situation, among other conditions.  Solutions are sought to increase the income of the poorest, developing and implementing fiscal, wage and social protection policies among other measures for developing countries. The idea is to ensure that people have a decent life.

SDG 12. Responsible production and consumption:

In general terms, this objective seeks to guarantee consumption patterns by seeking the efficient use of resources throughout the production chain. It seeks to reduce environmental impacts, put an end to consumerism and change consumption habits, making consumers ask themselves who to buy from, how necessary a product is compared to another, what raw materials were used, how much sustainable tourism is promoted, how much sustainable local purchases are promoted, among other aspects. 

How do we relate SDGs 10 and 12 to the production and marketing of handicrafts from Hotel Waya Guajira?

Hotel Waya has always respected the principle of non-discrimination for any exclusionary condition involving ethnicity or race, both at the level of employability as well as in the hiring of small local suppliers. The hotel has developed a local supply program, where the priority has been the Wayuu indigenous communities of the department of La Guajira.

The products that these communities have offered to the hotel have been varied, from food, services to handicraft products. This process began at the hotel 10 years ago, to date more than 105 communities and 157 Wayuu families have benefited through the AINJUSH WAJIRA (Made in La Guajira) handicraft store located in the hotel.

These communities provide different types of articles and accessories such as: backpacks, hammocks, key chains, belts, handles, purses, hats, decoration, coffee, Wayuu blankets, among others.  Likewise, through the tourist routes and experiences offered by the hotel in all the sites of the department and that have the Waya Seal, the purchase and responsible consumption of local handicrafts is promoted, where equity and fair prices are sought for the artisans. With the development of local suppliers, the hotel is achieving greater inclusion of these populations, boosting the economy and generating a decent income that allows them to grow and improve their living conditions. 

On the other hand, educating visitors and tourists is a permanent challenge for the hotel. By learning about the local culture, the qualification of the labor in ancestral products of indigenous communities, the use of non-polluting raw materials, the quality, color and variety of the handicrafts, the tourist is giving a value and qualification to these products of origin and to the same communities where they come from. The tourist or visitor is buying in a responsible way a quality product, which leaves an important added value for sustainable tourism and local economic development.

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