Influencer Isa out there

Influencer Isa out there

Isa, a blogger who travels through Colombia, touring different natural areas that are characterized by an environment full of quality of life with the company of Ricky and his beautiful pet, Rio.

Generating content for various platforms (Youtube, Instagram and blogs) she has been positioning herself as a traveler influencer and is currently an ambassador for Eco Flow.

Traveling around, she arrived to the northern region of Colombia; La Guajira. We took the opportunity and invited her to live the experience in our hotel Waya Guajira more specifically, in Albania (media Guajira).

They had the opportunity to know, feel and connect with our essence. Touring every corner of the hotel, starting with the welcome ceremony where they were greeted with our hospitality and affection of being a new visitor in the region. They enjoyed every space of tranquility and comfort from the rooms overlooking the beautiful landscape that is made up of the representative tree of La Guajira; the tupillo, to the relaxing massage in our spa, using techniques and ancestral oils that are a reflection of the Wayúu community’s customs. They filled their palate with flavor in the Kai’ restaurant and all this in the company of their pet dog.

By doing the ecological trail, they were sensitized and made aware of the articulation that the hotel has at a natural level for the visitor, highlighting the benefits and virtues of connecting with the beautiful trails that the land provides and at the same time, they soaked in more Wayúu culture, thanks to the knowledge of the guides who are part of the tour.

In the evening, they went to the Isashii restaurant; a space that reflects the virgin land of the Guajira where the traditions of ancestral flavors are mixed with gourmet food. Here, they experienced a cocktail show by our bartender, leaving them quite amazed and happy.

It is worth highlighting one of their opinions “We were invited to an impressive, brutal hotel that has a super empty sustainability proposal” (Isa por ahí, 23 oct. 2022, We are invited for 3 days to luxury hotel in the middle of the desert-La Guajira) and this is what fills us with happiness and pride, to make known the beauty of Guajira, the great contributions with which we can contribute positively to the interior of the region; donations, handicrafts, supplies, volunteering and sustainable infrastructure. Contributions that allow an advance to our country for the development of sustainable development goals.

Just as we invite Isa, we invite you to experience one of the most touristic and amazing places in Colombia and obviously, in the best stay that La Guajira can have; Waya Guajira hotel.

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