How to contribute from home?

How to contribute from home?

Recently Colombia was named the third most beautiful country in the world by Forbes magazine. We are a country rich in landscapes, flora, fauna, climate and culture, which is why it is our duty to help conserve the wealth that surrounds us. For Waya it is essential to ensure the conservation of this biodiversity through comprehensive actions that take into account its location and interaction with the environment. Our sustainable construction has given us a LEED certification based on the efficiency in water and energy consumption, the elimination of carbon footprint, the good use of sustainable construction materials and biodegradable products, the proper management of solid waste and the quality of the indoor environment for the end users of the building.

  1. Educate you on the importance of biodiversity

It is important to understand our human impact on the disappearance of different animal and plant species. We can join foundations or causes that make sense for their preservation and conservation.

  • Creating the habit of recycling

Although this is very common nowadays, we are still not aware of the correct way to do it. Find out how to separate products in your city and wash the containers so that they are ready for recycling. You can introduce it as a house game to encourage it in a fun way.

  • Reduce the use of single-use plastics

Plastics are a great threat to the preservation of biodiversity in the world as they take millions of years to decompose. Cloth or paper bags are a great alternative when shopping. There are also different products that replace the use of plastic such as bamboo brushes, menstrual cups, deodorant sticks, among others. If it is really necessary, look for different uses for plastic and in this way reuse it.

  • Consume organic food

You can do this in two ways: look for fresh fruits and vegetables in your nearest supermarket that support farmers in your region, or grow some of your own food at home and thus promote more conscious eating.

  • Remember to save energy and water

It is important to always turn off lights that are not being used and only turn on appliances when necessary. Starting to promote the use of solar energy at home through small appliances is very feasible nowadays. It is also important to reduce the time we spend in the bathroom or washing dishes to save on water consumption.

  • Uses different means of transportation

To avoid the pollution generated by the use of one car per person, bicycles are an environmentally friendly means of transportation when used responsibly. When possible, try to walk to nearby places.

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