Healthy eating  🍇 

Healthy eating  🍇 

In the last decade, healthy and wholesome food has begun to occupy the first places for lovers of gourmet and good food, a highly trending topic around which a large number of events and movements are taking place around the world today. By 2023, around 48 health food fairs in 22 countries are already projected. 🌎

In Latin America, ExpoCafé in Mexico and also Lima Peru with an educational healthy gastronomy fair stand out.

Why is healthy food important?🌽 🥕 🥗 

  1. Because it offers a balanced and varied diet.
  2. It contains the nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body.
  3. Because it revitalizes the body and provides energy and health.
  4. It generates good habits in diners.
  5. It breaks myths that only vegetarian food is healthy.

In addition, you can contribute from home, 🔗 growing healthy edible plants.

In Guajira we can highlight among the typical dishes and local food, two exotic fruits: Iguaraya and Papaya.

The Iguaraya: is a typical fruit of the region that is characterized by its intense red color, its sweet and sour flavor. It is the fruit of the cactus. It is mostly used to make juices and cocktails.

The Wayuú Indians highlight some medicinal properties such as: reduce spasms in case of colitis and stomach pain. They also apply it directly to wounds and burns.

Papaya candy: is a perfect dessert and special preparation of the Wayuú people. As we know the Papaya has great nutritional and health properties, such as: lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, aids digestion, improves glucose control, lowers blood pressure and improves wound cauterization.

It contains Zeaxanthin, an antioxidant that filters out harmful blue light rays and may prevent macular degeneration.  It also has beta-carotene which is an antioxidant. It also contains vitamin K which aids in the absorption of calcium.  It is also a good source of vitamin C and a single medium-sized fruit provides 224% of the recommended daily intake.

At Hotel Waya, we are committed to the health and vitality of our guests and environment. Our goal is to provide our entire community with a balance of wellness in all aspects.🤗

Visit our restaurants and let yourself be surprised by the wide variety of healthy, delicious and nutrient-rich dishes we have prepared for you. 🍽 🤤 

We are waiting for you!

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