Diversity and gender

Diversity and gender

We all hope that when we talk about diversity and gender, hopefully it will be talked about with the same passion that we talk about soccer, but I think it is really a myth. However, we still have a great satisfaction and that is the spheres that women have conquered in sport.

And the fact is that achieving greater visibility throughout history, has made this really change to achieve greater equity in different scenarios, not only in the sphere of the home, where women really play a decisive role in the formation of their children, but also in the educational, cultural, political, religious, business and many other spheres.

Transcending into governance has also been a great challenge, to be able to see women governors who set the standard, undoubtedly invites and invites them to be references for many others who dream of leaving everything in the arena to materialize their ideas and leave a valuable contribution to society.

An example worth highlighting is the NASA space engineer, Diana Trujillo, a fellow Colombian who at the age of 17 years old, with many illusions and perhaps never imagined that she would be one of the first women of a great team of NASA directors who would lead the next trips and conquests to space. This single example tells us a lot about the great conquests that women have made at all levels, even in the labor and professional field.

At the labor level, the conquests have not only been in individual and collective contributions, but also at the level of professional development, since the careers that were only for men are no longer exclusive and are now available to anyone regardless of their gender, circumstances that give a great opening to the talent and ability of women. At the level of training and education, technological developments have opened great thresholds, which give immense possibilities to the training and qualification of women on equal terms.

What better than to pay tribute today to the many women who have made their valuable contribution, from different spaces and especially at the labor level. At Hotel Waya we applaud the participation and contribution of women, we promote equality and development without conditions of exclusion. Throughout these 9 years 48% of our workers are women, they work in different trades, they have received internal and external training and education. Their contributions have been very valuable for the different departments of the company.

The diversity of the Waya Guajira hotel

Another no less important challenge is to break the paradigm of the wage gap, which is why we refer to this issue in Antonio Vives’ book “A critical look at CSR in Ibero-America”, gaps with respect to income distribution. He mentions that there are usually these cases with high gaps because there are differences in achievements, the result of individual efforts, collective efforts, distribution of income obtained at the level of competitiveness, at the level of the team and at the level of the individual.

The criterion of analysis to understand the gap is “the contribution that each person makes towards the achievement of the objective of the group to which he or she belongs; if the contribution is the same, the remuneration should be the same.

Remuneration is a mechanism through which income is “distributed” among those who have contributed to its generation.

Ideally, salaries should reflect these contributions, but being almost impossible to measure and attribute by chance, more or less simplified criteria are used (by position, profession, experience, etc.), but these criteria cannot depend on the gender of the employee, equal contribution, equal remuneration.

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