Amuche Workshop


Amuche Workshop

From the earth everything, even the dust.  

Nothing is wasted in a place that hides, for the most virtuous, all that it can give. 

Each piece is a magical story, each one produced an offering to life and a container of all that is felt and meant, even if it is not seen. 

Pottery made by hands that inherited a unique way of transmitting what they are made of, learned from their wives for over 100 years. 

Powdered casuchi and clay, dried in the sun and polished with stone, adorned with paths and sheep horns. An ancestral legacy that makes the earth useful for storing water and chicha, in the only remaining Wayúu pottery workshop in La Guajira.

  • Wayúu cultural experience
  • Ceramics workshop with masters Maria Pushaina and Jacinto Pushaina 

Distance from Waya: 1 h 16 min. (85.9 Km.)

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